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Ed “Too Tall” Jones Supports Former Rival Nat Moore

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Ed “Too Tall” Jones earned his nickname because of his 6’9” stature, a rarity for a defensive end.  But the former Dallas Cowboy has a heart as big as his wingspan.

“First of all, they do such a great job. And it takes everybody chipping in, doing what they can to make these foundations work. And Nat Moore, I played with him back in the glory days with the Dolphins when I was with the Dallas Cowboys. Not only was he a good football player, but he does so many things for the community,” Jones told Joy Taylor of Class Act Sports while on a break from the Nat Moore Golf Outing in March.

Nat Moore has received many accolades for all of his work in the Miami community, and Jones always makes an appearance to help out when he can.

“When [Moore] called on me to come out and help him with this foundation, I was more than happy to come out. Miami is a great place to get away and help raise money for good causes. At the same time I come to this event every year and see friends that I only see once a year, so I look forward to it every year,” Jones said.

When the news broke about Peyton Manning signing with the Broncos, Jones weighed in on his thoughts.

“I played with the Cowboys and we’d love to have him in Dallas. We go way back. I’ve known Manning since he was a young man. I played against his dad. I have known that family for years. I am glad to see him not retire. Hopefully he will continue to have a blessed career,” Jones told Class Act Sports.

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