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Ed Reed Not Thrilled About Addition of Marc Bulger either

We noted yesterday that Baltimore Ravens starting QB Joe Flacco didn’t seem all that jazzed about the addition of QB Marc Bulger. He seemed like he would have preferred to just keep Troy Smith and John Beck.

Now, safety Ed Reed is essentially saying the same thing. In an interview with 105.7 FM, Reed said that he thinks Smith would be the guy more prepared to step up and lead the team to the promised land should something happen to Flacco.

He said that Bulger is “just another guy that’s been in the league and been around.”


What did Bulger do to piss all these guys off? 

Most players don’t publicly criticize teammates like this through the media. We wonder if these are shots at management for making the decision to bring in Bulger, or if they really think he’s not very good at football.


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