Ed Herman Knows How to Beat Jake Shields


Ed Herman (20-7) says that being in a fight against Jake Shields (27-6-1) is huge simply based off his name value.

"Jake's a big name," said Herman. "He's been in many title fights and been in big fights, so I feel this is the biggest test of my career."

Even though Shields won the Strikeforce Welterweight Championship, Herman thinks he is better suited in his current middleweight division.

"I think he's better at middleweight," said Herman. "If you look at most of his big wins they have been at middleweight. But at 170 [pounds], the UFC has the toughest guys there are. He's had his hands full the entire time."

After fighting for the UFC for the last five years, Herman thinks he knows what it takes to secure the win.

"It takes a while to come into your own in this sport," said Herman. "You got to find your nitch and confidence. This sport takes a while to become completely well rounded in and I feel I'm at that point now."

Even with the fight days away, Shields said he hasn't adapted to the Colorado altitude yet.

"It's going to be a little more of advantage than people think," said Herman. "It can definitely be a factor. Plus, the fact that he's bulked up that takes more oxygen to pump those big muscles. I think all of these things are going to help me."

Herman knows he needs to stay off his back in order to win.

"I feel I'm well-rounded and can go with Jake," said Herman. "I don't want to end up underneath him. He's the best on top, so I want to be on my feet knocking him out or swinging elbows."

Herman vs. Shields takes place at UFC 150 on August 11.

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