EA's NCAA Football '13 Doesn't Seem to Think Much of Ole Miss

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Below is a screenshot of the latest version of NCAA Football from EA Sports, which is set to be released this summer.  As you can see, Ole Miss is hanging tough with a far superior Alabama team early in the third quarter, assuming the game is set to six-minute quarters.  You can probably also assume that Ole Miss has one first down for the game and Alabama got to 21 points by kicking seven field goals.

If you could see screen shots from later in the game, things would probably go REALLY south for Ole Miss as the third quarter went on.  I would imagine something close to last year when Ole Miss trailed 17-7 at the beginning of the third quarter, and was behind 45-7 at the end of it.  Though here, I'm going to say we'd only be down 35-0, as Tyrone Nix's absence is worth at least two fewer third quarter touchdowns.

As for the actual video game, this year's game includes "live" in-game updates from Rece Davis in the ESPN studios, plus all sorts of other bells and whistles.  However, no word if the '13 version fixed the deal where all linebackers have 57-inch vertical leaps and turn your intermediate over-the-middle passing game into a series of interceptions or tipped incompletions.  That was just THE WORST, EA SPORTS.  THE WORST.

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