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Eagles Trade Kolb to Cardinals for Cromartie, Pick

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It was one of the most inevitable moves of the week, but that apparently didn’t stop the Arizona Cardinals from giving away the farm for Kevin Kolb. According to John Clayton and Adam Schefter of ESPN (via Dan Graziano), the Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to send Kolb to Arizona for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second-round pick.

The Cardinals have long-since been rumored to be completely enchanted by Kolb’s untapped potential; however, it really feels like they’re giving away more than they needed to in order to nab him.

Again, Kolb is still as an unproven of a supposedly franchise-saving caliber quarterback as you will ever find in this league. Sure it won’t be hard to top the 10 total touchdown passes that the Cardinals netted in 2010, but what’s the endgame for Arizona here?

The Eagles, meanwhile, get a very legitimate starting cornerback to line up opposite Asante Samuel, thereby bolstering a solid defense even further. Even though they still have to fill the backup quarterback slot, figure out the DeSean Jackson situation, and could use another solid linebacker, Philadelphia is in good position heading into the coming year.

Arizona has gone all in on the hope that Kolb can turn into the player that the Eagles hoped he would be before he proved that he wasn’t. Will a change of scenery help? Ken Whisenhunt better hope so.


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