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Eagles Steve Smith Misses the Giants?

The New York Giants were visibly pissed off when Steve Smith signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. He had a knee problem and wasn’t expected to be able to play until Week 6 or so, even though that turned out to not be the case.

The Giants say that Smith’s agent said that the team would be able to match any contract offers that he got. Smith’s camp says that that’s not the case. And so, Smith ended up signing a two-year deal with the Eagles.

However, Smith has been a complete stink bomb for Philadelphia this season, dropping passes and falling to the ground yards short of the first down marker on third down. He’s awful. And that’s in addition to the fact that the Eagles are deep at WR and Smith doesn’t even get on the field most of the time.

And according to Adam Schefter, people who know Smith say that he’d love to return to the Giants next year. They say that he thinks the Giants are the best fit for him.

Gee, do you think so? You mean the Eagles were a bad idea when you are playing to show the rest of the NFL that you are healed and back to your 107-catch self? Why is that? Because the Eagles already have DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and third-down specialist Jason Avant? This is crazy!

With the way Smith has played for the Eagles, there is a very real chance he’ll get the opportunity to sign with the Giants next year.


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