Philadelphia Eagles Running Back Blasted For Leaving Small Tip At Burger Joint

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is facing intense scrutiny for allegedly leaving a 20-cent tip on a $61 tab at a local restaurant.

Reports say that McCoy and some friends went to eat at PYT, a popular burger restaurant in Philadelphia, on Monday night when he left the 0.3% tip. PYT posted a picture of the receipt on their Facebook page, confirming that it was the Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and not someone with the same name.

“As soon as they sat down, they were pretty rude,” said the server Rob Knelly to NJ.com. “I asked some questions, they weren't really responsive. They were cursing, making derogatory comments. I put their order in and forgot one of their appetizers, which I apologized for. They ordered things, and once they got it, said 'We ain't eating this shit! We don't want it.'”

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McCoy, who signed a $45 million contract extension for five years in 2012, has received criticism since the receipt was posted online, but many people are actually speaking out against the restaurant, saying that they’ve had terrible service there before.

“How was the service? I've had shitty service with you guys before,” said one Facebook commenter. “Maybe he thought it was fair."

Others think that PYT made a bad decision posting the receipt in the first place.

“Bad form PYT,” said another user on Facebook. “Posting this is disturbing and unprofessional. Have you read your Yelp page? SMH."

McCoy has yet to publicly respond to the incident, but a representative told NJ.com that they were investigating the authenticity of the receipt.

Sources: NY Daily News, Philadelphia Magazine, NJ.com


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