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Eagles Michael Vick Involved in Nude Photo Scandal?

Here is the story from a girl who contacted us trying to sell nude photos of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

“Hi I am looking to sell the photo for financial gain. It is a picture of him that he sent to my cell phone of himself giving me every right to it. It is a full frontal picture taken in the hotel room where the eagles stay at away games while in Dallas Texas. The photo was taken less than a year ago and their is no way of denying it’s him due to all the tats that appear all over his body including his signature super man tatoo. I am also willing to part with exclusive photos of him and myself in hotel rooms while he is supposed to be engaged and a reformed family man.

"I know the value of these photos and that even playgirl has tried to offer him tons of money for one photo of himself naked. PETA would love to expose him. No one has ever exposed him in this way before. No one has had this type of access. I also have exclusive letters from prison, text messages, ect. As current as last week. I know what this will do for your company and where you can go with this. The world will be watching. Those who hate and love him both. He is In The media on a weekly basis. I however want to remain anonymous once this is out. I can give your site exclusives and tons of materials to keep the story valid and attention coming. The ball is currently in your court now.

"Also, in the naked photo it is from the neck down with all tattoos visible.  And it is a clear photo.  He is in the bathroom of the hotel room the night before the game taking the photos of himself.”

Ed. Note: This article originally appeared on Check the site regularly as the pictures are reportedly due to drop soon.


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