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Eagles’ Michael Vick Not Allowed to Travel Out of State

Michael Vick had been given an opportunity to return to the NFL to continue his football career after spending time in prison for dog fighting. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell explained to him that he must avoid trouble and is walking a very thin line. Now, his own birthday party has caused him to be back in the spotlight of the law.

At his Virginia Beach birthday party a shooting occurred, but Vick has stated that he had left the party three to five minutes before it happened. However, the lead city prosecutor in Virginia Beach said that Vick was involved in some sort of confrontation before the shooting occurred. He has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing and now Goodell is conducting a review as to whether Vick violated the terms of his reinstatement to the league in 2009.

In the most recent news, Vick has now been barred from traveling outside of Pennsylvania by probation officials in lieu of the shooting that occurred at his party. He has missed scheduled appearances throughout the week, one at his own golf tournament in Atlanta and another at a youth football camp. The question now is how will his new situation impact his travel with the Philadelphia Eagles this season. The Eagles team training camp is scheduled to start in full on July 29.

While Bryant is said to have been involved in a confrontation before the shooting, Commonwealth’s Attorney Harvey L. Bryant said he would not go into detail about it and stated that Vick was not involved in the shooting.

“He’s an athlete and an entertainer, but he’s also a human being, and things that would tick you and I off would tick him off,” Bryant said. “But he extricated himself from those things and left with the help and encouragement of some of his friends and supporters.”

Bryant stated that the victim and witnesses have not been very cooperative in the investigation but he has declined to press charges at this time on anyone involved in the shooting. A police statement made Tuesday stated that they know who the shooter is but Bryant would not confirm this. The victim in the shooting has not been identified. However, Vick’s attorney Larry Woodward said it was Quanis Phillips who was a co-defendant in the dog fighting case against Vick. Phillips was treated and released from the hospital the day after the shooting.

The Eagles begin their season on Thursday, September 9 against the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. They have their odds set to win Super bowl XLV in 2011 at 18/1 according to NFL sportsbooks.


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