Eagles Making Big Roster Moves

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The Philadelphia Eagles have made tons and tons of moves this offseason, so why should now be any different? As the team prepares for the St. Louis Rams in Week 1, they’ve done some roster shuffling.

First and foremost, they’ve sent first-round draft pick Danny Watkins to the bench. He was a mess at right guard and the team couldn’t risk having him alongside fellow rookie, center Jason Kelce. So in his place, they’ll put newly acquired free agent Kyle DeVan. DeVan knows Howard Mudd’s system from his time in Indianapolis, so he should be an upgrade.

They’ve also done more secondary tweaking. The team brought back nickelback Joselio Hanson (and the Giants didn’t sign him….why?) after several teams sniffed but didn’t bite. While he is pretty awful on the outside, the Eagles don’t need him out there. They just need him for nickel.

To make room for Joselio, the team cut last year’s fourth-round pick Trevard Lindley, who is probably more suited to a Cover 2 system. Yet another wasted mid to high pick on a guy that doesn’t have the physical skills to fit their system.


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