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NFL: Bad News Keeps Coming for Giants

The New York Giants can’t be happy campers these days. All season, they were in perfect position to win the NFC East and get into the playoffs. Now? It’s not looking good.

Two weeks ago, they blew a 21-point lead on the Philadelphia Eagles with less than eight minutes to go in the game. It was awful.

This week, they got mopped up by the Green Bay Packers, who will get into the playoffs with a win this week over the Chicago Bears. On Tuesday night, the Eagles lost to the Minnesota Vikings, meaning that the Bears now have nothing to play for against the Pack this weekend (they claim they are going to play all out, but I’ll believe that when I see it).

So, it looks like the Packers could snag up that last playoffs spot. Especially after the Giants got some injury news today. Their top WR Hakeem Nicks? Busted toe.

That’s right, Nicks will be out this week with a broken toe that he recently suffered. We aren’t exactly sure when he did it, but it was probably during the loss to the Packers or in practice this week.

The Giants can still make the playoffs with a win over the Redskins and a Packers loss, but that’s looking less and less likely.


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