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Eagles Bringing Back Sean McDermott?

Despite firing him almost thirteen days ago, the Philadelphia Eagles are targeting former Philadelphia Eagles defense coordinator Sean McDermott to be their next defense coordinator.

“I’m not surprised,” said a source close to the situation.  “They were looking for a scapegoat to cover for Andy Reid’s flaws, but they quickly found out that nobody wants to coach their defense.”

Whether it’s the prospect of having to coach a player like Ernie Sims or having to deal with the possibility of starting Dimitri Patterson at the cornerback position, word around the league is the Eagles coaching vacancy is about as attractive as Khloe Kardashian at a wing eating contest.

Others are speculating Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie was completely fine with McDermott coaching their defense, but thought he could fire him and bring him back for less money.

Let’s look at this a more mature way.  Denver signed Dennis Allen.  Cleveland signed Dick Jauron.  Mike Pettine Jr doesn’t seem to show any interest.  Unless the Philadelphia Eagles are eying up someone from the Packer’s organization, they are quickly reviewing plan B, possibly plan C.

And ironically, plan C’s chapter title is “Hire back Sean McDermott, because we think it’s great when one of our defensive ends is stuck covering a wide receiver.”


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