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Eagles Interview Ken Whisenhunt

Perennial playoff contenders like the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears were supposed to have no trouble finding new head coaches. While both have admittedly fallen on hard times, the former obviously more than the latter, they do still have something of a successful history that theoretically should have resulted in big name head coaches wanting to try to lead them.

That has not actually happened, though.

To date, the Eagles have been spurned by Brian Kelly, Chip Kelly and maybe Bill O’Brien. Meanwhile, teams like the Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns seemed to have found their desired candidates (sometimes on the second try) with relative ease.

On Monday, the Eagles interviewed recently fired Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt. They are his fourth stop after the Bills, Browns and Chargers. San Diego has shown lukewarm interest in him; the other two passed outright. (Although he was apparently a finalist for the Cleveland gig.)

Interestingly enough, Philly also apparently met with Fox talking head and former Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick. Bill Cowher, who apparently has been away from football for too long to be considered a legitimate candidate anywhere, has been off the radar for six years. Billick hasn’t coached in five. Make of that what you will.

The Eagles have also interviewed former Bears coach Lovie Smith.

(Kudos USA Today)

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