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What Do Eagles Plan for Kolb and Vick?

To say there has been an ass ton of speculation in Philadelphia regarding the Eagles QB situation is like saying Snookie has a little bit of fat on her ass. It’s an understatement.

So, what will the Eagles do? The future was Kevin Kolb. Until he was not very good and then got a concussion. Now, Michael Vick is the hero in town and everyone wants to know when the two sides will work out a long-term deal. Vick is a free agent after this season.

Well, Ashley Fox of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Eagles plan to use the franchise tag on Vick, provided that there is still a franchise under any new CBA. If there isn’t a new CBA, none of this really matters.

Remember the Bill Murray movie with Richard Dreyfuss? There is a new version in Philadelphia: “What about Kolb?”

Well, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Eagles will probably want two first-round picks for Kolb. That’s what they wanted this past offseason, even though no one would go for it (we don’t blame them). With the emergence of Vick, however, that could change.

Would anyone really fork over a pair of firsts? We doubt it. But, the Eagles might not be inclined to part with much less given that Vick doesn’t know how to slide and you always need two good QB’s in this league.

We. Shall. See.


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