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Eagles Fans Talk about McNabb on Facebook

We decided to collect some of the comments from Philadelphia Eagles fans who are so smart that they believe Donovan McNabb hurt the team and they will be better off without him. This is why we contend that so many Philly fans are abject morons.

There is a large faction of people out there who claim that Kolb is a better leader and that the team will finally get over the hump without McNabb. Ignore the fact that the defense came up short big time in a lot of those championship games (including the Super Bowl). Ignore the fact that Donovan didn’t have much help on offense (when they had T.O. they went to the Super Bowl. Now with a young DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, hey get rid of him). Ignore the fact that many, many things have to go right to win it all.

No, facts don’t matter. These people don’t know what they are talking about, yet they seem to say it the loudest. So, OTR has compiled some comments from Facebook from these people and we want to share them with you. These are comments made about a guy who took a team to five NFC Championships and a Super Bowl in just an eight-year period. And just remember, these aren’t the views of all Eagles fans, just the ones that have access to a phone and WIP’s call-in line.

So, here we go:

-”Good riddance Donovan.” – Chris.

-”With that running game they got, I pick Redskins make it to the playoffs. Donavan McChoke will lose in the first round though.” – Rodney (ignoring the fact that he’s lost in the first round of the playoffs only once in his career).

-”Goodbye Donovan. Don’t let the door hit you in the a**. Kolb is more accurate and a better leader. Therefore, the Eagles are BETTER………not worse – Jeff.

-”RELAX…no more throwing at recievers feet, no more botched 2 minute drills, no more “my bads”, no more air guitar, no more moon walkin, and no more throwin up in the huddle.” – Jason.

-”He was an exceptional quarterback. But he could not get the job done when the game was on the line, I am willing to give Cobb a chance He appears to be a stand up guy. How this equates to his play on the field remains to be seen.” -Ann Marie. She likes Kevin Kolb so much she got two of the four letters in his last name correct.

-”The Redskins were dumb enough to give up a high 2nd round pick for a 34yr old, inaccurate baby. Good riddance McNabb. You were never a leader and you couldn’t hit a WR in stride to save your life.” – Chris.

-”Good riddance indeed. Let’s try a man @ QB now Eagles.” – Felix.

This stuff goes on and on and on. How shortsighted these morons are. We hope they remember what life was like in 1998 with Bobby Hoying, Rodney Peete and Koy Detmer. It’s fans like this that make us not want to follow sports anymore.

Good luck with what you wished for, Philly!


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