Eagles' Fans Curse at Cowboys Fan, Make Obscene Gestures to Players (Video)


An unidentified Dallas Cowboys' fan was removed from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia for reasons unknown during the Eagles' loss 17-3.

As the Cowboys' fan was escorted out, several Eagles' fans started cursing at him (video below).

Some of the comments included: "You piece of s---" and "You f----- p----!" and "Get the f--- out of here!"

Busted Coverage.com recommended that Eagles' fans "don’t even think of taking your daughter to a game until she’s 18."

However, Cowboys' fans were not the only ones cursed at, so were the players.

Cowboys rookie Joseph Randle said the team bus ride to the stadium was met with obscene gestures by Eagles' fans.

“We got a full taste,” Randle told DallasNews.com. “They flipped us off on the bus a few times. It was funny. It was old ladies flipping us off, young people, everybody was flipping off the bus.”

Randle said when Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams waved to the crowd after catching a touchdown pass in the fourth quarter “that was [telling them] to beat the traffic.”

Sources: DallasNews.com and Busted Coverage.com



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