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NFL: Eagles Miss Out on Dick Jauron

Today it was announced that former Philadelphia Eagles secondary coach Dick Jauron has been hired as the defensive coordinator in Cleveland. He was expected to be a candidate for the same position with the Eagles, but apparently that ain’t happening.

So, this move to Cleveland means that the Browns will be switching back from Eric Mangini’s 3-4 defense, to the 4-3 that Jauron runs. The team will now face the same problem that just about every team faces when a new coordinator wants to switch the schemes.

They need almost all new personnel.

And who might have some 4-3 defensive linemen for them? The Eagles. He is very familiar with the Eagles players and I think they might add a tackle or an end from the Eagles since they are very disgruntled with the play of their front four.

So, why would Jauron want guys that aren’t that great? Well, they’ll probably come relatively cheaply and can be good enough for the time being until he can bring in guys that are of a much higher ilk.

Could the Eagles flip a guy like Brodrick Bunkley or Mike Patterson? It’s entirely possible. They aren’t stiffs, but they haven’t been terribly productive for the Eagles as of late. But, like I said, they could be stop gaps for the Browns as they try to build their defense.

And what about Juqua Parker? I could see the Eagles shipping him off.

And we all know the Eagles love draft picks. If they could get a couple picks from the Browns, they could use those to trade down and get more tweeners that they seem to love so damn much.


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