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Dwight Howard Landing with the Lakers Makes a lot of Sense

Throughout this whole Dwight Howard quasi-Decision spectacle that’s gone on for far too long, there has always been the general worry by anyone who’s not a Lakers fan that eventually Howard would end up in Los Angeles.

It made a lot more sense than Brooklyn.

As much as Howard said that Brooklyn was the only place he was going to sign an extension – LA always just made more sense. It’s a place of glitz, glamour and fame. Which are all things that Dwight Howard has made very clear that are very important to him.

Playing for the Lakers, Dwight Howard would be able to further his brand, championship aspirations and he would be able to do that all with the protection of Kobe Bryant as the face of the team. As much attention as Howard craves – he doesn’t like having to be “the man” night in and night out.

Some nights in Orlando it seemed like he was the only player on the floor. Getting beat up on both ends of the court and then having to field questions about your trade status every night has to be tiring even for the biggest of megalomaniacs.

Now he’s free to just play basketball and work on his audition tape (which hopefully is a little better than Robert Kraft’s girlfriend’s). The basketball – and auditions – will come easy to Howard. He’s going to be amazed at what it’s like to play with a point guard who isn’t Jameer Nelson and a legitimate supporting cast.

If you want to give Steve Nash Godfather rights, then the Lakers have a top-5 player at four out of their five starting spots, with the odd man out being a rejuvenated Metta World Peace who is now going to be so unaccounted for on offense that I think he’s going to get more rebounds than he ever has in his career.

Kobe, Metta and Nash bring the toughness and experience. Howard and Gasol bring the size that only OKC can defend, and Mike Brown will bring his muppet friends – we’re all screwed.

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