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Dwayne Bowe Needs to Impress Chiefs In 2010

The Kansas City Chiefs face a tough decision concerning the future of their young wide receiver Dwayne Bowe. Bowe has blown the whistle in recent weeks on the raunchy road-trip habits of his teammates. The Chiefs and coach Todd Haley have refused to comment on the situation.

The question is why. Why did Bowe think it necessary to bring such activities to the public eye? Is it his immaturity? Is he tired of playing for a team that continues to under achieve year after year? Is this a strategy to produce a trade from the team?

In any case, Bowe is playing in the NFL like someone just happy to be there. His low numbers are a result of his lack luster effort on the grass. This season is a crucial one for Bowe, entering his fourth year after being drafted in the first-round of the 2007 draft.

Bowe could use the recent incident in Kansas City to push himself to prove why he was worthy of being selected as a top draft pick, or he could continue to underachieve, and possibly be fodder for trade rumors.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley is hoping for the former as he needs to show improvement in the win column.  The Chiefs went just 4-12 in the 2009 season and finished last in the AFC west. Haley also needs to prove why the Chiefs hired him, and signed him to a multi-year deal.

Haley hopes that Bowe can show marked improvement over training camp and into the regular season. The young coach did say that wasn’t going to treat Bowe any differently than any other player on the field, even after the receiver dropped the dime on his teammates.

“I’m looking at Dwayne no different than the other guys [on the team],” Haley said. “He’s a young player learning on the go. He’s learning the things that it takes to be talked about as a great player. He’s had a much better off-season than last year, and that’s progress. The other thing [the comments] are family business, so I don’t get caught up in that.”

The young receiver is lucky that there are few veterans from his 2007 rookie season left on the Chiefs. Those players would surely make it difficult for Bowe to move past this negative publicity. It will be Bowe’s fault if he cannot evolve into the team’s clear No.1 receiver.

The former LSU standout came into the previous post-season workout regimen overweight. He was demoted for a stint after failing to impress during training camp. Then came the four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy. It will be hard for general manager Scott Pioli to show much love to the receiver when his contract expires.

Now is the time for Dwayne Bowe to get the most out of his god-given talents. He should use this recent publicity as fuel towards working on becoming a better professional.

NFL Sportsbooks
have set the Chiefs chances to win Super Bowl XLV at 90/1.


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