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Dutch Speedskater Shows Frustration By Skating Around Rink With Middle Fingers Drawn (Photo)

The emotional high of competitive sports has a tendency to make athletes act out in some crazy ways – just ask Richard Sherman. But Sherman isn’t the only one to lash out at an opponent in recent weeks.

Meet Dutch speedskater Sjinkie Knegt. Knegt is viewed as a vital asset to the Dutch speedskating team, but that didn’t stop him from getting his entire team disqualified at the recent ISU European Short Track speed skating championships.

At the championships, Knegt was racing the final leg of the 5,000 meter relay race. When he lost the leg – and the race -- to Russian skater Victor Ahn, he couldn’t contain his frustration. Knegt was seen skating behind Ahn with middle fingers raised as his opponent cruised around the rink for a victory lap. Check it out:

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Following his gesture, the entire Dutch team was disqualified from the event.

“Of course I’m sorry,” Knegt said. He told reporters that the act was done “out of frustration and emotion.”

It looks like this won’t be the end of the Knegt-Ahn rivalry. The two skaters are slotted for many of the same events at next month’s Sochi Winter Olympics, so get ready for a lot more of this:

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Sources: NY Post, NBC Sports


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