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Dustin Pague: "I Really Need to Heal My Body Up Before I Step in the Octagon"

The UFC asked Dustin Pague to step up on short notice and face Ken Stone late in June just a few days after earning a win over Jared Papazian. Pague was defeated, much like he was against Chico Camus Saturday night at UFC 150: Henderson Vs. Edgar II.

Since facing Papazian on June 8, Pague has fought twice more. He is 1-2 in those three encounters, dropping his overall record to 11-7 with a decision loss to Camus.

"I don't want to make any excuses about the loss, but I really need to heal my body up before I step in the Octagon (again)," Pague said. "So, I'm going to pray the UFC gives me another chance to prove what I can do."

Pague had numerous chances to put Camus away, but he was unable to secure a finishing submission hold. Before entering the UFC in late 2011, Pague had won five consecutive fights.

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