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durrrr Challenge 2: Cates Pads Lead

To refresh your memory Dwan offered $1.5 million to any player who could beat him over 50,000 hands of high stakes online poker. If Dwan won the challenge then he would take $500,000.

Either player would also keep the winnings they accrued over the span of the challenge.

Patrik Antonius was the first player to take the challenge but after 39,000, it was put on an indefinite hold. Cates was the next player to take the challenge.

With Cates leading by over $800k after 17,000 hands, railbirds had started to wonder if durrrr had bought out of his own challenge.

Dwan erased that thought by logging onto Full Tilt last night and playing 348 hands of $200/$400 No-Limit Hold’em against Cates.

It may have been a different day but it was the same song for Dwan who eventually lost $122k to Cates.

The Team Full Tilt Pro technically won the biggest pot of the session when he took down a $166k monster with a set of treys but jungleman12 was relentless and won the majority of the pots.

The session puts Cates up a total of $941k on Dwan with 17,456 hands of 50,000 complete.

Dwan put an end to the session after 348 hands but would later apologize to fans on Twitter about the brief length. He mentioned he would try to get some more durrrr Challenge II hands in this weekend.

For more information on the last session be sure check our online poker stats section.

Durrrr Challenge 2 by the numbers:

115,203,194: Amount of dollars wagered 100,000,000: Cost to make Grand Theft Auto III, most expensive video game of all time 941,000: Amount jungleman12 is ahead 17,456: Hands played 10,164: Hands that jungleman12 has won 62: Days since there was action in the durrrr Challenge 2 17: Sessions played 2: Challenges that have been started but not finished



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