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Duncan To LeBron In 2007: 'This Is Going To Be Your League In A Little While'

The 2014 Finals will mark the third time LeBron James has battled the San Antonio Spurs for a ring. LeBron and the Heat’s 2013 Finals victory is still relatively fresh in everyone’s mind, but let’s not forget that James and his old Cleveland Cavaliers squad also squared off with San Antonio for a championship.

Of course, James first bout against San Antonio in 2007 didn’t go too well. The Cavs were manhandled by a clearly superior Spurs squad and were swept 0-4 in the series. But that didn’t stop Tim Duncan from seeing the enormous amount of potential the then 22-year-old LeBron James possessed.

In his typical classy fashion, Duncan offered some encouraging words to young LeBron following the Spurs victory. The only problem for Duncan is that now, seven years later, he’s got to hope his words don’t prove true – for the next two weeks, at least.

“Great job man,” Duncan said. “I love the way you are with your teammates. Stay that way man. Stay that way. Learn to drive these guys, because this is going to be your league in a little while. I appreciate you giving us this year.”

Here’s the clip:

While Duncan was right in predicting that Lebron would soon be the face of the NBA, he and his Texas crew want nothing more than to put LeBron's reign on hold starting tonight. 


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