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Duncan Ends Rumors Of Two-Year Contract By Opting Into Final Year

San Antonio may learn some rumors are just too good to be true. Word was spreading Time Duncan would opt out of the final year of his contract. Instead, he would sign a new two-year deal with the Spurs.

The two-year contract would potentially lower the Spurs’ payroll so they could keep the pieces they needed in place. Boris Diaw and Patty Mills were both essential to San Antonio’s most recent championship and are now set to become free agents. The extra cap space would help San Antonio in negotiating new contracts for the two.

Unfortunately, these rumors are false. The idea of the two-year contract vanished after being reported Tim Duncan opted into the final year of his contract. Yahoo Sports received the news from league sources.

Spurs fans should only be disappointed by the false news because it’s not all that bad. The franchise big man will be back for at least one more season. Tim Duncan posted an average of 15 points and 10 rebounds during the 2014 NBA Finals showing he can still contribute in a big way.

Plus, this rumor brings further speculation. Is it not possible Duncan actually was considering two more years in San Antonio?

Duncan’s preparation then shifts from one last season before retirement to a more long term approach because he would be committed to the immediate future of the franchise.   

Either way, Tim Duncan is returning to San Antonio to attempt winning his sixth championship. He may also do something he’s never done before, win the championship two years in a row.

In a post-game interview following the championship clinching game in San Antonio, Duncan shared his thoughts on how much longer he plans on playing in the NBA.

“I’ve always said as long as I feel I’m going to be effective, I’m going to want to play. And I still feel effective,” Duncan said.

San Antonio fans can only hope Duncan has the same feelings after next season.


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