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Drunken, Naked Oregon State Player Tyler Thomas Gets Tased, Arrested

Oregon State University kicked Tyler Thomas, 19, off the school’s football team after he was arrested early Sunday morning.

According to police reports, a woman phoned in a complaint that a naked man was in her residence. When police arrived and ordered Thomas to get down, he got into a three-point stance and charged at the police, who then tased him.

Thomas was later arrested on charges of first-degree criminal trespass, second degree criminal mischief and resisting arrest. Today, Oregon State released him from the team.

"We have dismissed Tyler Thomas from our team," coach Mike Riley said. "He had an off-the-field incident over the weekend that cost him a spot on the roster."

Sure, Thomas drunkenly trespassed on a woman’s property completely nude. Yeah, he resisted arrest. But with police closing in and his back against the wall he resorted to the time-honored three point stance.

You have to admire that kind of dedication to the basics. Who says kids don't know the fundamentals?


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