Drew Brees Says He Wants To Play Until He's 45, Gets Drug Tested Immediately


Drew Brees said last week that he thinks he could play until he’s 45 years old. The chances of him doing so are unlikely – but not impossible – and hinge largely on how his right arm holds up and whether his offensive line can minimize his sack toll.

No matter how you look at it, playing in the NFL at 45 is a lofty goal. So it follows that Brees must be feeling pretty healthy these days, which got the NFL thinking: just what has him feeling so confident in his body?

Check out what happened to him in the two days following his statement:

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For the record, the two oldest quarterbacks to start in an NFL game were Warren Moon and Steve DeBerg. Both were 44 years old. If Brees managed to play that far into his forties, he'd no doubt be closing in on many of the NFL's all-time passing records. 


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