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How LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Bosh Can All Play for Heat

By Josh Dhani

We have all heard of the Big Three here and what might happen. John Hollinger refers the team as Team Trinity. This could be a Big Three we have seen like no other. It shows a shooting guard that has the physical abilities of a point guard and small forward combined, a power forward with a shooting touch with rebounding skills and speed, and an athlete with freakish abilities we have never seen since Michael Jordan. And it could happen. Here are the steps for the Heat to do this.

Bring In LeBron First

The Heat will have to start off with Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, and Dwyane Wade on their roster. Chalmers and Beasley will sign a minimium salary. Beasley will have $5M and Chalmers with a bit over $800K. Pat Riley will give Wade a contract of $16.6M. According to ESPN, Riley will try to create a dynasty by giving Bosh, Wade, and James all the same amount of money. Exactly the same. Exactly. Wade’s first priority is to contact LeBron James. James will sign a $16.6M offer. Now they got their small forward. Now all they need is a starting center and power forward. But, look, the Heat now have a cap space of a bit over $11M. That brings trouble to the team because they are looking to give Chris Bosh a $16.6M offer, too. So what should they do? Well, here’s what.

Get Rid of Michael Beasley
Getting rid of Michael Beasley will have to be the case in order to get Chris Bosh. It is rumored that Beasley will be in a sign-and-trade deal which sends him to the Raptors for Bosh. Or the Heat can send him elsewhere that will clear up the cap space. Eventually, they will find a way. With Beasley gone, his $5M will be cleared and it will bring enough money to sign Chris Bosh. Bosh will then be signed to a $16.6M offer. And it’s just enough to have money to sign other players. But wait, they only have four players on the team and there is only a bit over $12K left? How will they sign other people?

Minimium Contracts
League rules say that you can still sign players and be over the cap. But here’s the catch: it has to be a minimium contract. It was rumored that Ray Allen could leave the Boston Celtics to come over to the Heat and be their sixth man. But what about a starting center? Could Jermaine O’Neal possibly sign a minimium deal? Probably not. But a guy that could work could probably be Juwan Howard. Joe Smith could also be an option. Here are some guys that can be signed to minimium contracts with the Heat:

Jason Collins
Michael Finley
Shelden Williams
Brian Scalabrine
Larry Hughes
Shaquille O’Neal
Tim Thomas
Kwame Brown
Ben Wallace
Luther Head
Steve Blake
Jamaal Tinsley
Jerry Stackhouse
Brian Cardinal
Darko Milicic
Ike Diogu
Jonathan Bender
Etan Thomas
Jason Williams
Allen Iverson
Travis Diener

Here’s what I think the line-up will be like:

PG: Mario Chalmers/Jamaal Tinsley/Travis Diener

SG: Dwyane Wade/Ray Allen/Jerry Stackhouse

SF: LeBron James/Jonathan Bender

PF: Chris Bosh/Michael Finley/Brian Scalabrine

C: Juwan Howard/Kwame Brown

You know, that doesn’t look so bad.


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