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NFL: Doug Legursky Uses Yoga to Help with Snapping

As Super Bowl Sunday gets closer, the possibility of Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkic Pouncey playing gets slimmer.  The rookie Pro Bowler severely sprained and broke his snapping ankle during the first quarter in the AFC Championship game.  Currently, he is listed as ’highly doubtful.’

In steps Doug Legursky, who replaced Pouncey for the remainder of the game.  His play was very shaky, causing two fumbles (one of them for a safety) on botched snaps that weren’t even close to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s hands.  And now Steelers fans are worrying if the back-up center can cut it on the big stage.  OTR believes he will.

The Monday after the game, teammate and veteran leader Hines Ward noticed something very strange with Legursky.  While eating dinner at The Melting Pot on West Station Square Drive, it seemed about every one-out-of-six times Legursky used his spoon to eat, he would hit the side of his mouth, burning himself with the hot cheese.  Hines pretended he didn’t notice, in hopes of not embarrassing the 24-year old German.

The next day Hines was again hanging with Legursky.  This time they were attending an autograph session at the Omni William Penn Hotel.  Hines, keeping one eye on Legursky, noticed the second-year player would completely miss one-out-of-six handshakes and then sign the table next to the photo of himself.  What was happening?  First he couldn’t feed himself and now he’s inking up a table top?  Could this be connected to why he botches one-out-of-six snaps?

Indeed it was.  After the autograph session, Hines took Legursky to his yoga instructer where she had Legursky go through some stretching and balancing activities.  She noticed that Doug’s equilibrium was off and has been working with him ever since to correct the issue.

“Doug is a unique individual,”  Rainbow Sunshine the Yoga instructor told OTR with a huge smile.  “He just needs to focus.  His mind tends to drift off every once in awhile, throwing his equilibrium out of whack.  This is definitely why we see him snapping the football off his calf muscle every one-out-of-six times.  It’s nothing I can’t fix.  He’ll be ready to go come next Sunday.”

So, Steelers fans.  There’s nothing to worry about.  Legursky will not be snapping the football all over the place, killing drives or turning the ball over.  Look forward to the shotgun formation.  His snaps will be accurate and won’t go 10 yards over Big Ben’s head or smack running back Rashard Mendenhall in the face mask.  You can thank Hines Ward.  You can thank Yoga.  And you can especially thank Rainbow Sunshine.


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