MMA Analysis: Edgar, Maynard Out of UFC 130; Now What?

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The rigors of training for a professional prizefight can often times be more strenuous on the body than the actual fight itself.  As such, injury in training is a common occurrence, but it is rare that an injury proves too server to go through with the fight. 

Rarer still are the odds that injury would force two scheduled opponents to bow out of their scheduled match.  However, such an incident has happened as UFC 130 headliners Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard have been forced to postpone their rubber match due to injuries suffered by both competitors.

The reaction to the news in the MMA world was a resounding “Nooooo!”  Not only was Edgar-Maynard 3 one of the most anticipated title fights in recent memory, but the UFC lightweight division seems to now be locked in a log jam as a number of viable contenders are forced into a holding pattern while Edgar, the UFC champion, and Maynard can finally put a stamp on their rivalry.  A pre-champion Edgar lost a fight with Maynard a few years back with their rematch at UFC 125 ended in a disputed draw. 

With Edgar’s injuries being the most sever, damaged ribs and two bulging discs in his back, both fighters could possibly see their bout rescheduled for August or September.  Maynard’s injuries consist of a damaged knee and facial lacerations from training.


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