2011 NFL Draft Prospect: Colin Kaepernick

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If you are an NFL team in need of a QB, look no further than the upcoming NFL draft. Plenty has been said about Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert, Washington’s Jake Locker, Arkansas’ Ryan Mallett, and Auburn’s Cam Newton.  But you may be forgetting perhaps the best QB in the class; Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick.

The kid just wrapped up a senior season at Nevada with 3,022 yards passing, 21 TDs, 8 INTs and a passer rating of 150.5.  Oh yeah, he also sprinkled in 1,206 yards rushing.  Holy hell!  How is nobody else rocketing this guy to the top overall QB?  Think he is a one year wonder?  You’re wrong.  Not one season of his 4 with the Wolfpack did his passer rating dip below 132.

In fact, he’s one of only two players in NCAA history to pass for over 8,000 yards and rush for more than 4,000 in a career.  The other is current New York Jet WR/QB/Everything guy, Brad Smith.  I know comparing this guy to Brad Smith doesn’t make you want to draft him as the top overall QB…but take it from the guys who know what they’re talking about.

If there is an opinion that I trust, its Mike Mayock.  You can have the Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay.  Mayock knows football and he knows talent.  He is ½ the reason I had a man crush on Earl Thomas last year and how has that panned out for Seattle?

So its no surprise that NFL Network’s talent stud already knew about Kaepernick’s “huge” arm.  At the 2010 Manning Quarterback camp, Mayock recalled seeing Eli and Peyton so awed they were “giggling” about the 23-year-old’s howitzer.  Said Mayock after watching one of Kaepernick’s Thursday throws, “Did you see the RPMs there? Man, I’d love to work with that kid.”

According to FOX Sports’ Adam Caplan, Kaepernick was “great” on Monday and “by far” the best quarterback in practice on Wednesday.

CBS’ Rob Rang noted Kaepernick’s “spectacular” arm strength.

Rotoworld’s Michael Schottey observed that Kaepernick “threw the ball as well as anyone,” generating “buzz from team scouts.”

Keep an eye on this kid during the game and leading up to the draft. The senior bowl has a way of bringing talent to the forefront and this kid might be the 2011 poster child. You heard it hear first… after Mayock…and Caplan…and that Rang guy….and Mr. Schottey… but then OTR!


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