NFL Analysis: Give Eagles Kolb a Fair Shot


This was supposed to be the year that the Eagles were in transition.  After over a decade of Donovan McNabb, the time to move on had finally come and it was Kevin Kolb’s turn to step into the spotlight.  A plan that was years in the making was spoiled in only 30 minutes as this town and the NFL nation fell back in love with Mike Vick… yes the same guy hypocritical fans booed into town.

I have no qualms with Vick because I welcomed the addition from the jump.  Granted, I had no idea he would play at the level that he did last year, but I certainly did not ridicule the organization for the addition.  And let’s be honest, you can’t really question a move that works out.  But can we honestly say that it has worked out just yet?

Yes, there is still plenty of unknown about Kolb, but he has proven that he can play in this league.  If given the keys to the car…for real…Kolb has the ability to be a very solid QB in the NFL.  I urge people to remember that Kolb really hasn’t had what so many other young QB’s had… and that is a chance to learn and grow as a QB in this league.

He had a few games in 2009 to spell an injured Donovan McNabb.  As it is well documented, he shined.  He struggled in the preseason and in week 1 vs Green Bay and lost is his job to Vick by halftime.  HALFTIME!  Granted he was knocked out due to injury, but the truth of the matter is, he lost his starting job right there and then.

Any QB who is worth a shit in the NFL has had his time to command the huddle, get his ass kicked and LEARN.  You don’t learn in the NFL if you aren’t given the opportunity to make mistakes.  Kolb simply hasn’t had enough time under center to make those mistakes and learn from them. 

Peyton Manning started all 16 games his rookie year and made plenty of mistakes leading the NFL in interceptions.  Aaron Rodgers struggled his first year as the Packers went 6-10…but he started, made his mistakes and learned.  Philip Rivers got the keys.  Matt Ryan?  The list goes on.  Almost every QB worth his salt has struggled, grown as a QB and LEARNED what it takes to succeed.

Kolb has been robbed of that. 

So when he made his appearances this season and looked confused or unable to make reads, fans were quick to assume he wasn’t a starter in this league.  Instead, it was simply that he was going through the same experiences that a rookie would, but in patches.  Spot duty.  A little here and a little there.   Nothing in succession where he could take what happened last week and apply it to next week and the week after and the week after. 

Say what you want, but QB’s need that experience and that consistency.  It is simply part of the maturation process that Kolb has yet to gain.  When he does, don’t be surprised if Philly looks back and regrets giving up a 4 year plan after only 30 minutes.


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