Donovan McNabb Gets New $78M Contract, $40M Guaranteed


Now here's an organization that's really got their act together. The Washington Redskins just signed Donovan McNabb to a new five year, $78 million contact. The best part is that $40 million is guaranteed!

I don't know how anyone else sees it, but isn't $40 million guaranteed a bit much for a guy who was benched in his last game, who's not in shape in the middle of the season and not getting any younger?

Are their quarterbacks around the league now begging to be benched?

Do you think Daniel Snyder understands that he can't use the $40 million they guaranteed to Albert Haynsworth to pay the $40 million they now of McNabb?

I guess this mean that the Rex Grossman era is over.. Bummer, and I was just going to go buy a Grossman jersey.

Michael Vick and Peyton Manning must both have a big shit eating grin on their faces right about now as they are both up for new deals. If McNabb gets $70 mill, $40 mill guaranteed, what does Manning get? Do they arrange a profit sharing thing with NFL Properties?

The Mike Shanahan press conference on this should be special.... - Keith A. Baker

Keith is a sports agent in Stamford, Connecticut. His goal is to offer a unique insight to the world of sports. Comments in his columns are for entertainment purposes only and do not reflect the views and opinions of his firm or his clients.

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