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Donald Driver Goes Out the Right Way

The owner of probably the quietest 10,000-yard career in history retired in the same manner as he played his career.

As professional and as quiet as could be.

There was no Super Bowl celebration for Wide Receiver Donald Driver in his final season as a professional football player.

There was no big ceremony.

In an era where the Wide Receiver position seems to be a revolving door full of unappeasable divas, Driver was anything but. The former 7th round draft-pick who racked up 743 receptions, 61 TD, and 1 Super Bowl Ring was about as classy and devoted as they come from day one.

Driver was out shadowed by own teammates for practically his entire career and never seemed to mind one bit. Most receivers, when they start seeing their production drop off, decide it’s time to look for greener pastures.

Not Donald Driver though.

Despite seeing his reception total decline every year since 2006, #80 never even thought about going anywhere, “I've always said I never wanted to wear another uniform, but always the green and gold.”

As a matter of fact, even in retirement, Driver only had one place he wanted to go. Take a look:

Angie LeRoy got exactly what all Packers’ fans have come to expect from their most decorated Wide Receiver in history.

True class.

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