Donald Cerrone Can't Wait to Fight Melvin Guillard at UFC 150

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After Donald Cerrone (18-4-1 NC) saw Tim McGraw perform at the Pepsi Center, in his home state of Colorado, he said someday he wanted to fight in the same venue. In just a few days he does just that, as he steps into the Octagon in the co-main event.

With his friends and family watching, he plans to use them as a momentum booster.

"This has been a dream I've had ever since I would fight kick boxing," said Cerrone. "Fighting someone at home is a big deal. You have all that momentum of everyone there trying to watch them. Some people feed off of that energy and some don't. Hopefully I feed off of it."

Cerrone said he always trains at altitude and is ready for how that may affect the fight.

"I think altitude is a huge deal and people don't really think about it until they're here." said Cerrone. "Denver's altitude is different from anywhere else. There's something about the Denver air; it's thin."

The vast difference in the altitude can change a fight's perception on themselves Cerrone added.

"Even in shape he's going to feel the wind," said Cerrone. "And fatigue makes you second guess yourself. When you're tired, you start losing skill and hopefully that's where I will exceed in the cardio section."

Cerrone vs. Melvin Guillard (30-1-2-1 NC) takes place August 11 at UFC 150.

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