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Donald Cerrone and Melvin Guillard Don't Hate Each Other, Apparently

When the bell rings for Donald Cerrone (18-4-1 NC) vs. Melvin Guillard (30–10–2-1 NC), their friendship gets placed on the backburner.

When Cerrone was questioned if their friendship would affect the fight, he made it clear that they are going to put on a show.

"Absolutely not," said Cerrone. "Fireworks are going down. I'm going to win and so is he. It's not like I'm going to hit him less because I know him and we train together. I'm going to hit him more because I know where he's weak."

Cerrone feels his submission victories will play a large factor in the outcome of the fight.

"All my fights are won by submission mostly," said Cerrone. "All his losses are from submission. If we're talking about paper-to-paper, I'm a better fighter."

The two friends will do battle August 11 at UFC 150.

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