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Don’t Count on Finding a Quarterback in 2013 NFL Draft

So, you’re looking for a quarterback, eh? That’s right, I’m talking to you Bills, Browns, Cardinals, Chiefs, Eagles, Jaguars, Jets, Raiders, and probably a few other teams. Here’s some advice: take out your wallet, start making some calls, and do what you can to bring in someone like Alex Smith, Matt Flynn, or maybe if you feel like taking a risk, Tim Tebow.

Okay, so maybe not that last guy, but if you’re looking for a quarterback for the 2013 season, your best bet is to look at guys that spent 2012 on an NFL roster, because the quarterbacks available in the draft this year carry a lot of risk, and little guarantee of success.

Coming off a season in which three rookie quarterbacks guided their teams into the postseason, with a couple more showing plenty of promise as well, the pickings are slim for the quarterback class of 2013. There are plenty of quarterbacks available, and based on need, a lot of them will be picked within the first two rounds, but that doesn’t make them good choices or valuable draft picks.

Last year there was not only consensus for the top quarterback in the draft, but consensus for the top two quarterbacks in the draft, who also happened to be the top two players available overall. However, this year there is no consensus as to who the best quarterback available is, and if there was, he certainly would be far from being the top player available overall. It would be a stretch to take any quarterback in the top five picks, much less the top overall pick, no matter how big of a need a team has at the position. In fact, few quarterbacks exhibit the talent and potential of a first round pick. However, most quarterbacks chosen in this year’s draft will be taken out of a desperate need at that position, and as a result, most quarterbacks will be selected earlier than their talent level and potential warrants them being selected.

That’s not to say that there won’t be quality quarterbacks that come out of this draft class, because odds are that at least one or two will emerge as legitimate NFL starting quarterbacks. The problem is that it’s too difficult to say who those quarterbacks are going to be. All of them have drawbacks and deterrents, much more so than the class of quarterbacks that entered the league last year. So if teams must resort to picking up their franchise’s next quarterback on draft day, they better do their research and find the right quarterback that is the right pick for them.

As we know, picking the wrong quarterback can set an organization back several years, and with drafting a quarterback from this year’s crop being nothing short of a crapshoot, it’s going to be hard to find the right one and quite easy to make a mistake. So, for all those teams that are in need of a quarterback, I’ll repeat my advice to you: take out your wallet, make some calls, and try to acquire a quarterback that was on an NFL roster in 2012, because if you end up having to settle for drafting a quarterback, the odds are stacked against you being able to find a good one.


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