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Don't Burn Your LeBron James Jersey: Donate it to the Homeless

Mere moments after LeBron James humbly told the world he was "taking his talents to South Beach," his former fans in Cleveland began burning everything LeBron -- posters, sneakers, shirts, bobbleheads. But now some fans are putting their hated apparel to good use -- donating it to the homeless. 

A man named Beau Miller came up with the idea along with three of his friends. "It's like any breakup," said Miller. "You want to give all your stuff back."

So they started a campaign to collect the unwanted gear and ship it to homeless shelters in James' new home in Miami. A local restaurant chain called Yours Truly has agreed to act as drop-off points.

Doug Libelich, manager of one Yours Truly location, said there has been a steady flow of fans -- mostly young ones -- ridding themselves James paraphernalia, including his iconic 23 jersey.

"It's been picking up in the last few days," he said. "All kinds of stuff."

Miller says the response has been "extraordinary," saying, "We wanted something good to come out of this. We didn't want another 'I hate LeBron campaign.' There's enough of that going around."

Although Miller and his pals are adding to the fire a bit. They set up a Web site called, where they are selling T-shirts with the slogan "It's Not Us, It's You," on the front. But that too is for a good cause -- proceeds from the $15 shirts are going to the Cleveland City Mission.


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