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Tampa Bay Bucs' GM Mark Dominik: McCoy Our First Choice

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have gotten a stud defensive tackle for the next ten years when they took Gerald McCoy No. 3-overall. Or, he could be a total bust. Or, he could be somewhere in between. No one knows for sure.

But what Tampa GM Mark Dominik says he knows, is that even if they had the top pick in the draft, they would have grabbed McCoy.

“Our main focus was making sure (Oklahoma quarterback) Sam Bradford went No. 1,” Dominik said during an interview with Jim Rome. “We knew we were in great shape with Gerald McCoy or Ndamukong Suh, but we were excited about McCoy because he’s the entire package. He’s a great fit for the 3-technique. We thought he was the best 3-technique on the board.”

After taking Josh Freeman, last year, you know they weren’t going to take Sam Bradford. So that would make McCoy the top player on their board.

“We stayed true to our board,” Dominik said. “Where we are, at 3-13, he was not a player we were going to pass up.”


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