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Dolphins to Shut Down Jake Long for Season?

At 5-5, the Miami Dolphins are a measly three games back of the New York Jets and New England Patriots for the lead in the AFC East. We’re kidding, they are out of it. Let’s be honest.

They have a stud left tackle named Jake Long that is dealing with a torn labrum that just isn’t going to get better by playing football. He got burned by Julius Peppers (not there is shame in that) for three sacks Thursday night and he can’t be feeling good.

A team source tells the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that the team was so troubled by Long’s performance Thursday night, that they are considering shutting him down for the year. Another team source says that Long is insisting that he can play at a high level.

But, Long will need surgery to fix his labrum issues and he won’t be able to do much in the way of lifting for four months after getting cut open. We think the logical thing to do is just shut him down.

What’s going to happen? You’ll lose games? You are doing that right now. As it is you are down to your third-string quarterback. If you were in the playoff hunt, maybe you push the issue. But you aren’t making the playoffs in the uber-competitive AFC, so who cares? If replacement Lydon Murtha is worse and you lose a few extra games, you’ll get a better draft pick.

Why do teams have to screw around with this stuff. Shut him down.


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