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Dolphins Looking at Former Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell

Talk about Christmas in November for OTR. We have been praying as hard as we can to have JaMarcus Russell get back in the NFL. We love him.

And it looks like our prayers could be answered. In a very odd game, the Miami Dolphins lost starter Chad Pennington and his replacement Chad Henne to injury. And reports are that both will be done for the season. That leaves the Dolphins with only Tyler Thigpen at QB.

So, they are going to have to hit the waiver wire, because many NFL experts think that one quarterback isn’t enough.

And according to Josina Anderson of Showtime and FOX 31 in Denver, the Dolphins have reached out to Russell’s people to kick his tires (just don’t spill his sizzurp).

“Breaking: Sources: The Miami #Dolphins have contacted JaMarcus Russell’s camp to try and schedule a workout. #NFL,” she tweets.

The Dolphins have to do something at QB and the pickings will be slim. Hence, they are looking at Russell.


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