Does Pat Shurmur Have a Future with the Cleveland Browns?


The departure of Cleveland Browns President Mike Holmgren has shifted second year head coach Pat Shurmur’s seat from relatively warm to smoldering.  Shurmur has won only 6 of 24 games since he came to Cleveland.  Regarded as a talented offensive mind, Shurmur’s offenses in Cleveland have left a lot to be desired.  The Browns rank 20th in overall offense this season and had the 4th worst offense in the NFL last season. 

The hire of Shurmur was somewhat underwhelming from the start, however Holmgren was trusted at the time.  With him now gone, it seems that Shurmur may have no allies left.  The road isn’t getting any easier either.  In the next three weeks the Browns face the Ravens, Cowboys, and Steelers.

Let’s be honest though, we can’t put all the blame on Shurmur.  From the whole Peyton Hillis fiasco of last year to the injury woes of this year, the Browns haven’t exactly been lucky.  Couple this with the very young players all over the field and it would have taken nothing short of a miracle to make this team a true contender.  However, as we all know, someone has to take the bullet.

It isn’t really a question as to whether or not Shurmur is on the hot seat.  The true question is will he make it through the season.  I think he probably will, simply because no one really expected this team to make the playoffs anyway.  Shurmur will ride it out until the end of the season when he’ll almost assuredly be looking to be a positional coach again somewhere. 

The good news for Browns fans is that the offseason is poised to be very exciting: they’ll be getting a top draft pick and a new head coach.

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