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Does Jason "Mayhem" Miller Get Unfair Treatment in the Media?

Jason "Mayhem" Miller (28-9-1 NC) is getting unfair treatment from the critics according to "Here Comes the Boom" co-star Mark DellaGrotte. He sees Miller as one of the fighters who is honest about themselves when in the public's view.

"He put a lot of hard work and dedication into building himself and his career," said DellaGrotte to Bloody Elbow. "I think Mayhem keeps it real, and people should respect him for that, and for what he's accomplished in the sport."

Miller was released from the UFC following his lose at UFC 146. He lost in his other UFC fight. Following the release, his recent behavior was brought up by the media and Dana White. Miller and White would take part in a Twitter exchange following the release. In August, Miller was arrested for suspension of burglary after being found naked inside a church. Earlier this month, Miller took part in an interview on The MMA Hour where he stayed in character from "Here Comes the Pain" and left early.

"I think, deep down inside, Jason is a great kid," said DellaGrotte. "He's made huge contributions to the sport, so how about we forget for a second, him messing up and doing the wrong thing, and remember how long he's been around, and give the guy a little room and a little slack, because he deserves it."

DellaGrotte, a former Muay Thai kick boxer turned coach, looks at the recent actions as part of Miller's gimmick. He also noted how the choices Miller made weren't the best.

"I don't see why people get confused," said DellaGrotte. "If you had a name like Mayhem, and you didn't act up, it wouldn't make sense. He's really like that. Great kid, great heart, beautiful human being, but it is what it is. That's him. He gets a little out of control sometimes. Everybody does. We're all crazy, and we all do stupid things at times."

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