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Does Deron Williams Have a Future with the New Jersey Nets?

By Mihnea "Mike" Gheorghita

Cory wrote a piece a few days ago concerning Deron Williams’ desire to stick with the Nets. With pressure coming from all sides, and with Mark Cuban’s open interest to get another brilliant Net PG, D-Will probably felt it was time to calm down both the fans, but also some of the teams that want him. His words when asked whether he’ll stay or not? “I’d probably say like 90%”.

That’s a big, round, reassuring number that will most likely provide some assurance for both the fans and Nets brass. An old-fashioned kind of player, Williams told InterNets writer Stefan Bondy that “where I go is hopefully where I’m going to retire. I’m not interested in moving to different teams.” He also mentioned that he fully trusts Billy King, and is very excited about Prokhorov’s handle of the Nets so far.

I mentioned something about my “jersey jinx” some time ago, and how most Nets whose jerseys I own have left the team. Well, when your star PG says things like those, and then adds that he and Dwight Howard have been talking “a lot”, and even more so declares that Howard would be more than willing to sign an extension with the Brooklynets, everything just turns into Sunshine Ave. But, the jinx may still stand. I have two Brook Lopez jerseys – one on the wall, one in the closet. What does that mean? It’s a clear statement that something’s about to unfold.

Williams called Brook Lopez – with whom he briefly met- a “free spirit” and a “perennial All-Star”, both of which point towards him being the center piece (no pun intended) of a trade for Howard. Well, December 9 is only a few days away, and I’m more and more comfortable with Brook Lopez leaving Jerklyn (pardon the word, but it’s the only way I can describe the Nets’ geography right now). We already know that both Howard and Williams have been franchise players for their teams, and neither will leave if someone like Jerry Buss or James Dolan waves a wad of cash in front of them.

Back to the matter at hand, it is my non-professional opinion that Deron Williams will stay a Net for quite a while. Brook Lopez may team-up with Howard at the next All-Star game, but coming from Disneyland, FL. But we’ll just have to wait and see. 

Finally, a shout out to Net Income of NetsDaily, who added Brooklyn Bound to the site’s blogroll. Kind regards, my good man, and keep up the great work!

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