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Does Dana White Have a Problem with Jon Fitch?

Dana White called any alleged issues with Jon Fitch (24-4-1-1 NC) pure "myth." According to White, it all started with a public argument over likeness rights which saw Fitch leave the UFC for less than 24 hours.

"You've never heard me say anything negative about Fitch or diss Fitch in any way," said White.

Fitch was successful in his UFC return yesterday at UFC 153. He defeated Erick Silva (14-3) via decision and marked his first win since 2010. It was also Fitch's 13th UFC victory and the ninth time it came via decision. White was quick to defend critics of Fitch who say he lays on fighters.

"This is mixed martial arts," said White. "Your job is to keep them from doing it, and tonight, Erick Silva did that. Fitch was grinding him against the fence the way that he does, and Silva got out and countered, and it was a back and forth fight. Both guys looked awesome."

Besides the win, Fitch picked up Fight of the Night honors.

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