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Does Anyone Care About the MLB All-Star Game?

If you look at things the way that Allen Barra does, it certainly is. MLB itself clearly felt that it was irrelevant, that’s why it granted home-field advantage during the World Series to the franchise representing the NL or AL winner a few years ago. But is that enough?

Some people are up in arms because David Wright isn’t starting at third base because San Francisco Giants fans stuffed the ballot boxes with Pablo Sandoval votes. In the end I really don’t see that as a big deal because Wright will probably end up playing more innings than Sandoval anyway; but that actually leads to another problem. Almost none of the starters who theoretically are the best players in the game will be around if there is crunch time with the game on the line.

For the American League, while Josh Hamilton and his 11 million votes may still be around late in the game when it matters, will Curtis Granderson and Jose Bautista? Not if Angels phenom Mike Trout, fellow outfielder Mark Trumbo or Baltimore’s Adam Jones are going to get in the game.

In the NL people are complaining that Melky Cabrera is starting and stars like last year’s MVP Ryan Braun and Carlos Gonzalez aren’t getting the nod. While the San Fran fans may have stuffed the ballot boxes, at least Cabrerra is having a first half justifying starting in an All-Star game. That’s more than can be said for slick fielding Dan Uggla. The guy has 11 HRs and 43 RBI but he’s hitting .225 with 97 strikeouts! With that logic, shouldn’t Ike Davis be in the 2012 All-Star Game too? Even if he isn’t a starter, he is after all hitting an Uggla like .204 with 11 HRs and 47 RBI. That’s four more RBI than Uggla and he only whiffed 76 times…

No matter how you cut it, this thing is an exhibition game. At least in the Home Run Derby the participants (exactly what logic is used to pick the field?) who are entered get to compete and finish for a title. The All-Star game has as many substitutions (if not more) than a spring training game.

I heard someone make the argument today that if they are going to base World Series home field advantage on anything, it should be the league that hits the most HRs in the HR Derby! The fact that someone could even make an argument for that is in itself enough to make this thing a farce.

I’m not sure why but just like the rest of you, I’ll be watching… which I guess in the end is all that MLB cares about…

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