Do UFC Fighters Get Paid Enough?

When it comes to how much a UFC fighter should be paid, it is not enough according to Don Frye (20-9-1-1 NC).

"The guys are making good money, but they could be making a lot better," said Frye on MMAinterviews' YouTube channel.

The former UFC fighter has seen the vast growth in the sport since his early days with the organization and doesn't think the fighters are being compensated correctly. He points the finger of blame on Dana White and the fighters themselves.

"The sport has grown, but the guys need to be paid more money," said Frye. "Obviously it's none of my business, but they need to man up and demand some money or back out like Jon [Jones] did. Tell Dana White to kiss their a** and do the show himself. Let him throw on the gloves and get in there."

Frye returned to MMA in 2011, after a two year hiatus, in a losing effort. His future in the sport is unknown.

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