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D.J. Linderman Wants to Fight Tyrone Sponge

Still disappointed with his performance on the first World Series of Fighting (WSOF) card, D.J. Linderman (13-4) hopes company officials will grant him another chance in way of kickboxing star Tyrone Sponge (1-0).

"I didn't get to put a show out there like I should have," said Linderman to MMA Weekly. "I really want to get a chance to get a good striker on my second go round, and I'm looking to come out against Mr. Spong himself."

On the WSOF card, Sponge earned a first round KO against Travis Bartlett (7-3) in his MMA debut. Linderman was also KO'd by Anthony Johnson (14-4) in the co-main event.

"I don't take nothing away from him, it was a shot that happened and I'm looking to come back," said Linderman.

The second WSOF show hasn't been announced, but officials spoke earlier about an early 2013 return.

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