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Displaced NFL fans file suit

Despite the NFL’s efforts to appease the 400 fans who weren’t allowed to set foot inside the Cowboys Stadium even though they had tickets, the scandal proved to be too juicy for lawyers to simply let things go. It now appears the NFL’s public relations nightmare continues to deepen as the fans have apparently filed a suit against the league, against the Dallas Cowboys and against Jerry Jones, accusing them of deceptive sales practices, fraud and breach of contract. Apparently there are no fewer than 1,000 fans behind the suit, and others may join in. While in the case of the 400 players, some of whom drove from far away to see their favorite team play, the ire is understandable, those who got seated in temporary seats seem to be pushing the envelope a little. The lawsuit states that the season ticket holders didn’t get what they bargained for or were promised at the Super Bowl XLV. That does sound a little shady though…

In the wake of the monumental blunder (builders failed to finish a temporary seating facility on time for the fire marshal’s approval), the NLF invited the displaced players onto the turf where they were treated to food, beverages and got $2,400 as consolation. It now appears that the option of a free Super Bowl XLVI ticket or a free future Super Bowl ticket of their choice was added later to the consolation package, and that’s where the NFL may have made yet another critical blunder. Had they given the fans what they asked for, they would’ve gotten away from the incident with a cleaner record. Now, even though the suit is likely to be settled without ever going in front of a judge, the media will continue to turn the dagger in the bleeding public relations wound that this whole situation has become for the league.

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