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Disgusting: LeBron, Heat Throwing Spoelstra Under the Bus

The Miami Heat and all of the perennial losers they have assembled on the roster are a complete and utter joke. They’re an embarrassment to the league, their fans and themselves.

In fact, the clear-cut way that LeBron James and the rest of these spoiled, rich brats are throwing their head coach Erik Spoelstra under the bus (albeit, in low-key, subtle-shoulder-bump fashion) simply speaks to the sense of entitlement certain players have when it comes to the NBA.

As it stands now, the Heat is a laughable 9-8 and losers of four out of their last five games. Miami is currently sixth in the Eastern Conference, and wouldn’t even qualify for home-court advantage in the first round if the playoffs rolled around today. Clearly, there is a lot of time remaining in this season to right this ship.

However, it’s fair to say that folks never saw this coming when James (nail biting and all) and Chris Bosh took their talents to South Beach.

The Daily Heat called this whole mess before the season even started, though.

We predicted the lack of chemistry between Dwyane Wade and LeBron, who essentially play the same position and take up each other’s space on the basketball court. We predicted the artist formerly known as Bosh would shrink in the limelight and reveal himself as the Mr. Softy we all knew he was.

And finally, we knew that Spoelstra, a glorified errand boy of Pat Riley, who took the reins simply because Riles liked the way his protégé remembered to rewind game tapes prior to returning them, was in way over his head.

We aren’t shocked, surprised or ticked off by the less-than-stellar performance of the Miami Mod Squad thus far.

The truly disgusting aspect of all this, though, is complete and undeniable lack of solidarity on this team. The way they simply refuse to come together and support one another, and would rather blame anyone but themselves for their problems.

This is no clearer example of this than...

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