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High School Grade Questions Surround Clippers' Bledsoe

Early reports suggest that Eric Bledsoe, current Los Angeles Clipper and former Kentucky Wildcat, received grade bumps on his high school transcript in order to be eligible to play at the University of Kentucky.

According to a report by Jon Solomon of The Birmingham News, Bledsoe’s night school grade report from Parker High School in Birmingham, Ala. shows that he earned a “C” average in his Algebra III course, but his four-year transcript shows that he earned an “A” in the class.

Excerpt from Solomon’s report:

Former Parker coach Maurice Ford was quoted in a New York Times story in May as saying Bledsoe’s sum ACT score was a 69. That meant Bledsoe needed to jump from a 1.75 core GPA in almost three years at Hayes High School to a 2.475 by the end of his high school career at Parker, his transcript shows.

Bledsoe ended with a 2.5 core GPA, according to his transcript, making him eligible for a one-and-done season at Kentucky. Bledsoe flourished as a freshman on the court, and his success story continued with his first-round selection in the NBA Draft in June.

If Bledsoe had received a C in Algebra 3, as was recorded in the grade report, his core GPA would have been 2.375, according to his transcript. Even a B in the class would have left Bledsoe short of qualifying, at 2.4375.

The report further explains that Bledsoe received an “A” in Algebra III before having taken Algebra II.

This isn’t the first time Bledsoe’s past has been looked into. In May, the NCAA visited Birmingham to ask questions about Bledsoe’s residency. During high school Bledsoe transferred from Hayes High School to Parker High, requiring him and his mother to move homes in order to be eligible to play for Parker.

For more on Bledsoe’s grade discrepancies check out “Records differed on Eric Bledsoe’s Birmingham prep grades” by Jon Solomon of The Birmingham News.


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